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The Guild Library - SPINNING

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Amos, Alden

Anderson, Beryl

Baines, Patricia

Baines, Patricia

Davenport, Elsie

Duncan, Molly

Field, Anne

Hopper E./Edberg  R.

Horne, Beverley

Jackson, C./Plowman, J.

Kahn, Deborah

Kroll, Carol

Menz, Deb

Mercer, John

Raven, Lee

Ross, Mabel

Ross, Mabel

Ross, Mabel

Scottish Wool

Simmons, Paula

Sornicki, Eunice

Stove, Margaret


Switzer, Chris

Teal, Peter

Turner, Katy

W.I. Handbook

          Title of Book 

Big Book of Handspinning

Creative Spinning, Weaving and Plant Dyeing

Linen Hand Spinning and Weaving

Spinning Wheels, Spinners and Spinning

Your Handspinning

Creative Crafts with Wool and Flax

Learn to Spin

Carding, Spinning, Dyeing

Fleece in Your Hands

The Woolcraft Book

The Handspun Project Book

The Whole Craft of Spinning

Colour in Spinning

The Spinner’s Workshop

Hands-on Spinning

Encyclopaedia of Hand Spinning

The Essentials of Hand Spinning

The Essentials of Yarn Design

Scottish Wool Cloth Sample Book

Spinning and Weaving with Wool

Step by Step Spinning and Dyeing

Merino – Handspinning, Dyeing and Working with Superfine Wools

Spinning & Dyeing

Projects for Alpaca and Llama

Hand Wool Combing and Spinning

The Legacy of the Great Wheel

Spinning, Dyeing and Weaving (1)

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