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The Guild Library - OTHER CRAFTS

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WEAVING         SPINNING           DYEING          KNITTING


Allen, Janet

Ashley, Clifford

Awege, Gayna

Belgrave, Anne

Best, Jen

Birren, Faber

Bradley, Elizabeth

British Museum

British Wool

British Wool Marketing Board

British  Wool Marketing Board

Burkett, M. E.

Cahlander, Adele

CallandineA./Fricker J.

Carey, Jacqui

Carey, Jacqui

Carey, Jacqui

Carey, Jacqui

Coles J./Budwig R.

Collingwood, Peter

Connell L. & C.

Craft Council

Crump W.B./Ghorbal G.

Diamond, Anna

Dale, Pat

Davies, A./Tennant E.

Davies, Ann

Dawson, Pam

Dickens, Susan

Dore, Helen

Douglas, Rosamund/Foster, Janet

Duncan, Molly

Earnshaw, Pat

Feltham, Jane

Feltham, Jane

Feltwell, Dr. John

Fisher, Joan

Gemmell, Liz

Giles C/Goodall I.H.

Gill, Ann E.

Gisby, Jane

Golden Hands

Gordon, Beverley

Guzman, Kim

Halliday, Peter

Hartung, Rolf

Harris, Jennifer (ed.)

Hickman, Julia

Hitchcock, Michael

Houghton, Lizzie

John, Edith

Kapp, Elinor

Koumis, Mathew


Lambert, M.

Laury, J.R./Aiken Joyce

Lawther, Gail

Levi-Strauss, Monique

Lobley, Priscilla

Lowry, Priscilla

Lowry, Priscilla

Malcolm, Trisha (Ed.)

Marsden, Helen

Martin, Catherine

Martin, Catherine

Mathews, Kate

Mathews, Sybil I.

Maynard, Barbara

McKim, Ruby

Meehan, Aidan

Miles, Cecile

Moody, Jo

Navajo School

Nicholls, Elgiva

Nymark, Lise

Owen, Rodrick

Page, Yoshimoto K.

Paine, Sheila

Pawson, Des

Pegg, Barbara

Phillips, Mary Walkerk

Picton John/Mack John

Proctor, Richard

Richards, Claire E.

Röttger, Ernst

Russon, Kath

Sandford L./Davis P.

Sayer, Chloe

Scott, Phillippa

Siler, Lyn

Silverman, Sharon Hernes

Smith, Sheila/Walker, F.

Speiser, Noémi

Stallebrass, Pam

Stearns, Ann

Stevenson, Sarah

Thurston, Violetta

Torstar Books

Torstar Books

Vecchiato, Gianni


Waller, Irene

Waller, Irene


Werker, Kim

W.I. Home Skills

Wright, R. H.

Yoshimoto, K.

Zaczek, Iain



Burnham and Burnham

Cambridge Library of Ornamenal Art

Clarke, Duncan

Larsen, Jack Lenor

Martinelli, Ed




Benjamin, Frederick A.

Benson, A./Warburton N.

British Coloured Sheep Breeders’ Association

Chetwynd, Hilary

Craft Council

Dixon, Anne

Dorset Natural History and Archeaeological Society

Dryad Leaflet No. 83

Dryad Leaflet No. 85

Dryad Leaflet No. 89

Dryad Leaflet No. 91

Dryad Leaflet No. 100

Dryad Leaflet No. 111

Fields, Brian E.

Grasett, K.

Halsey, Mike

Halsey, Mike

Halsey, Mike

Halsey, Mike

Halsey, Mike

Lambert, M.

Leadbeater, Eliza

Linder, Olive and Harry

Lorant, Tessa

MacDonald, Agnes

McLeod, Ella

Miles, Vera

Milner, Ann

Morton, C./Mortlock, A.

Needle Crafts

Pennine Heritage Network

Pennine Heritage Network


Ryder, Michael L.

Search Press

Tames, Richard

Thurston, Violetta

V & A Museum

V & A Museum

Youngmark, L.



Cosh, Sylvia

Ross, Mabel

Vickerey, Anne


          Title of Book 

Colour Craft

The  Ashley Book of Knots

Kelim Canvas Work

How to make Felt

Dorset Button Accessories

Principles of Colour

Decorative Victorian Needlework

Images from Life

British Sheep and Wool

British Sheep Breeds

British Sheep Breeds: Their Wool and Its Uses

The Art of the Felt Maker

Sling Braiding of the Andes

East Cheshire Textile Mills

Beads and Braids

Beginners Guide to Braiding

Creative Kumihimo

Round the Twist

Complete Book of Beads

The Techniques of Sprang

Poetry in Stitches

Running a Workshop

The History of Huddersfield Woollen Industry

The Temari Book

Basketry and Weaving with Natural Materials

Hooked Rugs

Rag Rugs

A Complete Guide to Embroidery

Tassel Making

William Morris

Our Crafty Lives by the Yaldhurst Ladies

Creative Crafts with Wool and Flax

Needle Lace

Peruvian Textiles (1)

Peruvian Textiles (2)

The Story of Silk

The Art of Macramé

Aussie Fair

Yorkshire Textile Mills 1770-1930


How to Make Teddy Bears

Ideas for Unusual Hand Crafts

Shaker Textile Arts

Learn to do Tunesian Lace Stitches

Creative Lettering and Calligraphy

Creative Corrugated Paper Craft

5000 Years of Textiles

Tapestry and Beadwork

Indonesian Textile Techniques

Felting Fashion


Rigmaroles and Ragamuffins

Art Textiles of the World

Japanese Braids (Japanese text)

Microwave Craft Magic

Hand Made Rugs from Practically Everyhing

Patterns and Borders

The Cashmere Shawl

Your Book of Patch-Work

Secrets of Silk: From the Myths and Legends to the Middle Ages

Secrets of Silk: From Textiles to Fashion

Crafting on the Go - Felt

Advanced FriendshipBracelets

Kumihimo – Japanese Silk Braiding (1)

Kumihimo – Japanese Silk Braiding (2)

Fibre Arts Design Book Three

Needle-made Rugs

Modern Basketry Techniques

101 Patchwork Patterns

Celtic Design Knotwork

Certificate Needlework

Keepsake Crafts - Buttons

Indian Basket Weaving


Dress up your Dolls

The Big Book of Sling and Rope Braids

Traditional Sarasatic Design IV

Chikan Embroidery – The floral Whitework of India

The Handbook of Knots



African Textiles

Principles of Pattern


Creative Paper Craft

Handmade Silk Paper

Decorative Straw Work

Mexican Textile Techniques

The Book of Silk

The Basket Book

Tunisian Crochet

Feltmaking – The Whys and Wherefores

Manual of Braiding

Fabric Screen Printing


8 Colour Country Cross Stitch

A Short History of Ancient Decorative Textiles

Stitch by Stitch, Vol. 3

Stitch by Stitch, Vol. 12

Guatemala Rainbow

Vogue Guide to Crochet

Design Sources for the Fibre Artist

Thread – An Art Form

Creative Basket Weaving

Crochet Me

Corn Dollies

Modern Textile Design and Production

Traditional Sarasatic Designs IV

Celtic Design

Keep Me Warm One Night

Renaissance Ornament

The Art of African Textiles

Ikat, Batik, Plangi – The Dyer’s Art

The World of Renaissance Florence

Costumes – Patterns and Designs




The Ruskin Linen Industry of  Keswick

Looms and Weaving

Coloured Sheep and Handspinners Fleece Directory 2004-2005

Leno Weave

Running a Workshop

Inkle-Loom Weaving

Display – Theory and Practice


Spinning Wool

Rug Weaving

Weaving on Four-Way Table Looms

Hand Weaving on Two-Way Looms

Card Loom Weaving

Tablet Weaving

Breast Plate Designs to Make and Wear

Complete Guide to Hand Spinning

Spindle Spinning (1)

Spindle Spinning (2)

Introducing Tapestry Weaving – The Basic Techniques

Introducing Tapestry Weaving – Practical Projects

Introducing Double Cloth on 4-Shaft Looms

Corn Dollies

Spinning and Spinning Wheels

Hand Spinning Cotton

The Good Yarn Guide

Simple Tartan Weaving

Weaving by Elizabeth Peacock, exhib. catalogue (The Craft Study Centre)

Weaving Patterns for the 2-Way Loom

Natural Wood Dyes and Recipes

Colour from Plants

Spindle Spinning

Textiles 2 – New Ways, New Cloths Textiles in the South Pennines 1780 - 1840

Textiles 3 – Changing Patterns of the South Pennines

Textile Industry 1840 – 1914 (Jennifer Holt)

Sheep and Wool for Handicraft Workers

Spindle Spinning

William Morris

The Use of Vegetable Dyes

50 Masterpieces of Textiles

Notes on Carpet-Knotting and Weaving

Loom Mechanics

Organic Crochet Patchwork

Hand Spinning

Feltmaking by Hand


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