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The Guild Library - DYEING

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Adrosko, Rita J.

Callalhan, Gail

Cannon, John & Margaret

Craft Council

Dalby, Gill

Dalby, Gill

Dalby, Gill

Davenport, Elsie

Dean, Jenny

Dean, Jenny

Farbenindustrie AG

Gerber Frederick H.

Goodwin, Jill

Green, David/Ashburner J.

Grierson, Su

Hallett, Judith V.

Hardman Judy./Pinhey S.

Holding, May

Hoppe, E./Edberg, R.

Jacobs, B.E.M.

Larsen, Jack Lenor

Lesch, Alma

Ponting, K. G.

Robertson, Seonaid

Simmons, Max

Thompson, Frances&Tony

Thurston, Violetta

Tomita J. and N.

W.I. Handbook

Wickens, Hetty

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Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing

Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece

Dye Plants and Dyeing

Dyeing for Fibres and Fabrics

Natural Dyes, Fast or Fugitive

Natural Dyes for Vegetable Fibres (1)

Natural Dyes for Vegetable Fibres (2)

Your Yarn Dyeing

Natural Dyeing without Chemicals

The Craft of Natural Dyeing – Glowing Colours from the Plant World

Manual for the Dyeing of Wool

Cochineal and the Insect Dyer

Dyers Manual

Dyes from the Kitchen

Dyeing and Dyestuffs

Natural Plant Dyes

Natural Dyes

Notes on Spinning and Dyeing Wool

Carding, Spinning, Dyeing

Growing Herbs and Plants for Dyeing

The Dyer's Art

Vegetable Dyeing

A Dictionary of Dyes and Dyeing

Dyes from Plants

Dyes and Dyeing

Synthetic Dyeing

The Use of Vegetable Dyes for Beginners

The Techniques of Kasuri

Spinning, Dyeing and Weaving (2)

Natural Dyes for Spinners and Weavers

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