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The Guild Library - WEAVING

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Ackerman, Phyllis

Allen, Edith Louise

Amsden, Charles Avery

Anderson, Beryl

Atwater, Mary Meigs

Atwater, Mary Meigs

Atwater, Mary Meigs

Atwater, Mary Meigs

Atwater, Mary Meigs

Baines, Patricia

Barbeau, M.

Bateman, Dr. W.G.

Bateson, Vivienne

Becker, John

Bennett, Noel/Bighorse, T.

Betterton, Sheila

Betterton, Sheila

Beutlich, Tadik

Black, David

Black, Mary E.

Bloor, Pat

Bowen, Kernochan

Bradley, Louise

Bridgewater, Alan and Gill

Bronson, J. and R.

Brooke, Jess

Brostoff, Laya

Brown, R.

Cambridgeshire Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers

Cavendish, Marshall

Chetwynd, Hilary

Chetwynd, Hilary

Coates, Helen

Collingwood, Peter

Collingwood, Peter

Collingwood, Peter

Con, J. M.

Coss, Melinda/Soudan, Sylvie

Coss, Melinda/Soudan

Creager, Clara

Crockett, Candace

Croot, Ann

Dalgaard, Lotte

Davenport, Elsie

Davenport, Elsie

Davison, M. P.

Dixon, Anne

Droop, Joan

Droop, Joan

Evans, M. & Ngarimu, R.


Field, Anne


Fischer, E. and Ingers, G.

Gallinger, DC/Del DeoJC

Garrett, Cay

Goerner, Doris

Grasett, K.

Green, Jennifer

Hall, Rosalind

Halsey, M./Youngmark

Harvey, Nancy

Hendrikson, Linda

Hecht, Ann

Hindson, Alice

Hindson, Alice

Hjert, J./von Rosenstiel, P.

Hoffmann, Marta

Hooper, Luther

Hoost, M. van der

James, Wharton George

Jones, Mary E.

Kirby, Mary

Knight, Brian

Leures K./Hutton H.

Lundbäck, Maja

Lurçat, Jean

Millen, Roger

Mochrie, E.

Moes, Dini/Heggtvert, M.

Moorman, Theo

Murray, R.

Murray, R.

Nass, Ulla

Naumann, R./Hull, R.

Nye, Thelma M.

Oelsner, G. H.

Pearson, Alec

Peck Kent, Kate

Peverill, Sue

Phillips, Janet

Plath, Iona

Reed, Stanley

Regensteiner, Else

Reichhard ,Gladys A.

Rhodes, Mary

Rosenstiel, Helene, von

Rosenstiel, Helene, von

Roth, H. Ling

Russell, Carol K.

Samuel, Cheryl

Samuel, Cheryl

Selander, Malin

Selander, Malin

Simpson, L.E./Weir

Shillinglaw, Phyl

Skowronski, H./Tacker, S.

Specht S./Rawlings S.

Stewart, D. C.

Straub, Marianne

Sutton, Ann

Sutton, Ann

Sutton, Ann

Sutton, Ann

Sutton, Ann

Sutton, A./Collingwood, P.

Sutton, Ann/Holtom, Pat

Tacker, H. and S.


Thompson, Frances

Thurston, Violetta

Thurston, Violetta

Tidball, Harriet

Todd, Osma Gallinger

Tomita J. and N.

Tovey, John

Torey, John

Tovey, John

Trotzig, L./Axelsson, A.

Trotzig, L./Axelsson, A.

Waller, Irene

Watson, William

Watson, William


Weigle, Palmy

W.I. Handbook

Willcox, Donald J.

Willcox, Donald J.

Wilson, Jean

Wilson, Jean

Wilson, Jean

Wilson, Jean/Burhen, J.

Wissa Wasseff School

Wissa Wasseff School

Worst, Edward F.

Worst, Edward F.

Worst, Edward F.



          Title of Book

Tapestry – The Mirror of Civilization

Rugmaking Craft

Navaho Weaving – Its Techniques and Its History

Creative Spinning, Weaving and Plant Dyeing

Byways in Handweaving

Recipe Book – Patterns for Handweavers

The Shuttle – Craft Book of American Hand Weaving

Guatemala Visited

Weaving a Life

A Linen Legacy – Rita Beales 1889-1987

Assomption Sash

Extended Divided Twill Weaves

Woven Chic

Pattern and Loom

Working with the Wool – How to Weave A Navajo Rug

Navajo Weaving and Textiles of the American South West

Rugs from the American Museum in Britain

The Technique of Woven Tapestry

World Rugs and Carpets

The Key to Weaving, A Textbook of Hand Weaving for the Beginning Weaver

Tapestries 1956-2003, Catalogue

Four-Harness Weaving

Inkle Weaving

Guide to Weaving

Early American Weaving and Dyeing

Tapestry Weaving

Professional Handweaving on the fly-Shuttle Loom

The Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Book

Weave !

Weaving and Spinning – Tapestry, Tablet, Finger and Inkle Weaving

Simple Weaving

The Weavers Workbook

Weaving for Amateurs

Rug Weaving Techniques – Beyond the Basics

The Techniques of Rug Weaving

Techniques of Tablet Weaving

Carpets from the Orient

Magic Carpets – A guide to Creative Rug Making

Making Rugs

All About Weaving

Card Weaving

A Step- by-Step Guide to Woven Carpets and Rugs

Magiske materialer – i vaeven

with English translation by Ann Richards

Your Hand Weaving (1)

Your Hand Weaving (2)

A Handweaver’s Pattern Book

Inkle Pattern Directory

Rugmaking (1)

Rugmaking (2)

The Art of Maori Weaving

Falcot’s Weave Compendium

Dévoré for Weavers and Knitters

The Weavers of Ancient Peru

Flemish Weaving – Flamskvärnad

Rug Weaving for Everyone

Warping all by Yourself

Woven Structures and Design

Weaving and Pattern Drafting

The Self-Sufficient Weaver

Egyptian Textiles

Foundations of Weaving

Tapestry Weaving

Tubular Cardwoven Neckpieces

The Art of the Loom

Designer’s Drawloom (1)

Designer’s Drawloom (2)

Loom Construction

The Warp Weighted Loom

Hand Loom Weaving Plain and Ornamental

The Best of Weaver's: Summer and Winter Plus

Indian Blankets and Their Makers

British and American Tapestries

Designing on the Loom

Rug Weaving Technique and Design

Rug Weaving

Small Webs

Designing Tapestry

Weave Your Own Tweeds

Simple Weaving

No Common Thread

Weaving as an Art Form

The Essential Handbook of Weaving

Practical Modern Weaving

Weaves of the Incas

The Off-Loom Weaving Book

Swedish Weaving

Handbook of Weaves

Tapestry Weaving

Navajo Weaving

Make Your Own Rugs

The Weaver’s Book of Fabric Design

The Handweaver’s Pattern Book

Oriental Rugs and Carpets

The Art of Weaving

Weaving a Navajo Blanket

Small Woven Tapestries

American Rugs and Carpets

Loom Construction

Studies in Primitive Looms

The Tapestry Handbook

The Chilkat Dancing Blanket

The Raven’s Tail

Swedish Hand Weaving – Weaving Patterns

Weaving Patterns

The Weaver’s Craft

Introducing Weaving

Doup Leno

Creating with Card Weaving

The Setts of the Scottish Tartans

Hand Weaving and Cloth Design

Colour and Weave Design

Textiles of Wales

The Structure of Weaving (1)

The Structure of Weaving (2)

The Textiles of Wales

The Craft of the Weaver – A Practical Guide to Spinning, Dyeing and Weaving

Tablet Weaving

Band Weaving

Woven Image – Contemporary British Tapestry

Harris Tweed

Weaving Patterns of Yesterday and Today

Weaving without Tears

The Weavers Book – Fundamentals of Handweaving

The Joy of Hand Weaving

Japanese Ikat Weaving

The Technique of Weaving, Copy 1

The Technique of Weaving, Copy 2

Weaves and Pattern Drafting

Weaving Bands (1)

Weaving Bands, (2)

Fine Art Weaving

Advanced Textile Design

Textile Design and Colour

Pattern Draft and Weaving Recipe Book

Double Weave

Spinning, Dyeing and Weaving (3)

New Designs in  Weaving (1)

New Designs in  Weaving (2)

Pile Weaves

Weaving is for Anyone

Weaving is Fun

Weaving you can Wear

Egyptian Landscapes – Exhibition Cat.

Woven by Hand

Foot-Power Loom Weaving (1)

Foot-Power Loom Weaving (2)

Weaving with Foot Power




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