2019 Events where the Guild demonstrated


May 24, 2019

A great day was had by all.  A very successful day! 


June 06, 2019

35 girls and boys, 8 - 11 yrs old, in groups of 6ish circulating between activities in turn.  An hour at each activity.  .   A Japanese Theme, so Drumming, Samouri Armour etc.  We are needed for braiding and knotting. 

John Lewis Habdashery Department, Southampton Store! Experience Desk. 2nd Floor

June 14, 2019


August 03, 2019

Little Woodham is a lovingly constructed Medieval Village, complete with enactors who bring it alive with the activities of daily living!  Woodwork, pottery, leatherwork, cookery, metalwork, and of course spinning and weaving and dyeing.  Well worth a visit whenever they are open, (several weekends in each year.) Lots of craftspeople assemble here for this event. 

Petlake Alpacas Day

August 02, 2019

Near Cadnam, New Forest.  Marquee if necessary.  Free tea and coffee.  Lots of parking. 

10 - 4

August 17, 2019

Popular 2 day event, Saturday and Sunday.  We only demonstrate on the Sunday. A real country Show, Not too large.  Rooted in the culture of the South Downs.  A lovely show. 

September 13, 2019

HWSD always have a stand in the Countryside tent. It is quite a large area and we need members to help prepare for the stand, Friday pm, and or come along and help to demonstrate.  We also offer craft activities similar to those done at our Hillier sessions for children (of any age!).

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